Curated Content 

A unique content experience that is only available on the Vouchr’s platform. Vouchr offers carefully crafted media that is presented in a way that delivers the highest emotional impact on customers.



Vouchr’s platform comes with pre-made games and challenges to create powerful engagement for your digital gifting, rewards or other programs.


Digital Greetings

For your digital gifting program, Vouchr provides the best digital greetings in the market. Beautifully drawn content with high emotional appeal that covers all major occasions and more. The media rich greetings are meticulously crafted to ensure a delightful experience.

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Sound Effects

Vouchr provides a vast catalogue of sounds and songs that Partners can use to enhance their C2C or B2C recipient unwrap experience.


Content Discovery

The Content Discovery Screen is an interactive and dynamic screen that allows customers to consume the curated digital content.

Use it in the Mobile SDK in your digital gifting program to surface popular and upcoming holidays such as Christmas, Valentines Day, and more

Customers can connect calendars to get reminders and quickly jumpstart their birthday and special occasion gifts

Let customers create their own greetings from scratch for others to enjoy