Mobile SDK


The SDK transforms a simple payment into a first class digital gift experience.

Everything you need to transform your payments into an expressive, media rich experience that brings people together. 

Well-designed user interfaces that give an out-of-the box Personalization and Gift-Giving program inside your mobile app or in your B2C service that provides a delightful recipient experience like nothing else on the market.


Key Features


Themable Screens

Fully built screens with endless customization options

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Complete Gifting Flow

End-to-end product that handles the heavy lifting from the beginning to the end of the payment process


Gift Card Mall

A catalogue of top brands ready to be added your app or used as a rewards service


UI Components

Beautiful, reusable visual elements that you can use throughout your app


Media Personalizations

Personalize with every kind of media imaginable: Videos, sounds, images, notes, games, animations, and more


Content Discovery

Let users explore everything we have to offer. Vouchr’s UI make’s it easy to surface content and promotions


API Layer Access

Direct access to our API means partners have complete control over the experience

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Web Receive Experience

HTML based recipient claim means customers can receive payments without having to download an app


Native Send & Receive Experience

A fully immersed in-app send & receive experience that integrates effortlessly into your app


Advanced Features

Easily add end-to-end UX flows with Vouchr’s advanced engagement features like Group Gifting, Gift Scheduling, Chat and more.