Separate from the pack and win digital market share

Our promise is to help you beat the competition and become a market leader by wrapping a slick and media-rich mobile experience around your existing service.

We have highly engaging, end-to-end modules for gifting, personalization and gamified rewards that drive differentiation and adoption in industries like digital money transfer, remittance, disbursements, prepaid, incentives and rewards.

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Money Transfer


Competition to dominate P2P payments is stronger than ever

With the industry rapidly moving to digital, the race is on to capture market share

Use our Consumer Experience Platform to differentiate your money transfer offering. Transform your existing money transfer into a fun gift of cash for any occasion - or simply personalize your payments with unlimited media so customers can express themselves with every transfer.


Case Study: RBC Royal Bank


Domestic P2P

Launched in Canada October, 2017

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Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) used Vouchr's platform to launch the first personalized cash gifting service in North America using Interac e-Transfer inside RBC’s Mobile Wallet

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Remittance is a highly commoditized market

The winners will be the ones who differentiate and offer the best mobile consumer experience

Use Vouchr’s Consumer Experience Platform to transform your existing remittance from a commoditized service into an experience that brings people closer together.


Case Study: Western Union


International Remittance

Launched in USA, October 2018

Western Union used Vouchr's platform to launch Giftzie, the “Venmo of Remittance”, a new Western Union branded mobile app that allows customers to send personalized money transfers and digital gift cards both domestically and cross-border. Bundle your transfer with digital eCards for any occasion - the perfect gift for any holiday such as Diwali, birthdays, Chinese New Year and more.





Disbursements should add value beyond the transaction itself

As disbursements move digital, they become the perfect opportunity to engage your customers and build loyalty.

Vouchr's Experience Platform can re-imagine the interaction with your customers by transforming your existing disbursement process from a dull transaction into a powerful customer engagement tool


Case Study: Aviva


Insurance Disbursements

Vouchr was selected as a finalist for Aviva's Pitch Day competition 2018.

Vouchr is among the small group of startups working with Aviva to launch some new and innovative tools. Insurance companies can use Vouchr's platform to personalize their digital disbursements and build deeper relationships.




The experience needs to evolve as prepaid cards move from the physical to the digital world

Digital prepaid cards lack the personal touch that make them engaging and meaningful gift giving experiences.

Use Vouchr's Consumer Experience Platform to transform your digital closed or open loop prepaid cards from dull and impersonal experiences into personalized eCards that are contextual, gamified and social. Position yourself now as an innovative leader in prepaid and capture digital market share.


Case Study: RBC Royal Bank


Virtual Prepaid card with Tap to Pay

Launched in Canada August, 2018

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Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) used Vouchr's platform to commercialize a virtual prepaid card via a new local merchant gifting use case. Want to send your friend the perfect gift at a local hamburger spot? Send them $50 on a personalized virtual prepaid card via the RBC wallet and location-lock it to the burger joint. When your friend gets there, the virtual prepaid card is funded and they can tap-to-pay to buy their meal.

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