Platform Overview


All the tools you need to drive digital payment growth


A robust platform that layers engaging out-of-the-box experiences on top of your existing payment rails.

Harness the creativity of a world class mobile product team with Vouchr’s Consumer Experience Platform for digital money. The Vouchr platform was built from the ground up to address today’s commoditized experience across multiple payment verticals such as money transfer, remittance, disbursements, prepaid and more. Designed for true payment innovators, the Vouchr Platform lets payment companies develop, iterate, and launch new and exciting consumer experiences leveraging their existing payment rails.

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A modern platform that allows you to create the perfect consumer payment experience.


End-to-End Solution

Unparalleled Flexibility

Fast Deployment

Easy Integration


Complete, ready-to-use components that handle the heavy lifting, every step of the way.

A highly configurable platform with exhaustive theming options to fit your branding needs.

Flexible hosting which can reside on-premise or in the cloud, and quick mobile integration

Numerous integration options ensure that our platform works seamlessly alongside your product.


Mobile SDK


The SDK transforms a simple payment into a first class digital gift experience.

Everything you need to transform your payments into an expressive, media rich experience that brings people together. 

Well-designed user interfaces that give an out-of-the box Personalization and Gift-Giving program inside your mobile app or in your B2C service that provides a delightful recipient experience like nothing else on the market.


Key Features


Themable Screens

Fully built screens with endless customization options

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Complete Gifting Flow

End-to-end product that handles the heavy lifting from the beginning to the end of the payment process


Gift Card Mall

A catalogue of top brands ready to be added your app or used as a rewards service


UI Components

Beautiful, reusable visual elements that you can use throughout your app


Media Personalizations

Personalize with every kind of media imaginable: Videos, sounds, images, notes, games, animations, and more


Content Discovery

Let users explore everything we have to offer. Vouchr’s UI make’s it easy to surface content and promotions


API Layer Access

Direct access to our API means partners have complete control over the experience

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Web Receive Experience

HTML based recipient claim means customers can receive payments without having to download an app


Native Send & Receive Experience

A fully immersed in-app send & receive experience that integrates effortlessly into your app


Advanced Features

Easily add end-to-end UX flows with Vouchr’s advanced engagement features like Group Gifting, Gift Scheduling, Chat and more.

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Challenge System 


Gamify your existing payments by attaching unique challenges

Challenges and games that transform your payments into rich and engaging digital experiences

“Do this, Get that”. Vouchr’s patented Challenge System allows partners to attach both native and web based challenges that customers must complete to unlock their payment. Using Vouchr’s platform, partners can easily create their own custom HTML or native challenges or select them from Vouchr’s library.

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Location Locking

The recipient must physically go to a specific location to unlock their gift and payment.


Task Challenges

Challenges where recipients will have to provide photo or video proof of completion. Senders have the option of accepting or rejecting the evidence.

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Fun games in which the recipient must beat the sender’s score to open the gift.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality experiences that combine Vouchr’s personalized payments with the real world.


Partner Enablement 


Let your product and development teams express their creativity on our platform

Vouchr’s platform provides the necessary building blocks for partners to create their own unique user experiences

Create your own library of content

Using Vouchr’s Content Dashboard, Partners can upload their own unique collections of personalization content and templates (sounds, images, digital wrapping papers, etc) to personalize their digital gifting, disbursements, rewards or incentives programs.


Partners upload their own personalization teamplates, eCards, or challenges.

Manage the content using the Vouchr marketing dashboard.

Content surfaces in either your app or your service.

If a challenge is included, the recipient has to complete it to unlock the cash.

Recipient gets the personalized bundle and payment is complete!


Content Management

Use Vouchr’s Marketing Dashboard to manage your entire program. Partners can create personalization templates and challenges for holidays, business events, employee rewards & promotions. All content is dynamic and can be updated on the fly.

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Curated Content 

A unique content experience that is only available on the Vouchr’s platform. Vouchr offers carefully crafted media that is presented in a way that delivers the highest emotional impact on customers.



Vouchr’s platform comes with pre-made games and challenges to create powerful engagement for your digital gifting, rewards or other programs.


Digital Greetings

For your digital gifting program, Vouchr provides the best digital greetings in the market. Beautifully drawn content with high emotional appeal that covers all major occasions and more. The media rich greetings are meticulously crafted to ensure a delightful experience.

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Sound Effects

Vouchr provides a vast catalogue of sounds and songs that Partners can use to enhance their C2C or B2C recipient unwrap experience.


Content Discovery

The Content Discovery Screen is an interactive and dynamic screen that allows customers to consume the curated digital content.

Use it in the Mobile SDK in your digital gifting program to surface popular and upcoming holidays such as Christmas, Valentines Day, and more

Customers can connect calendars to get reminders and quickly jumpstart their birthday and special occasion gifts

Let customers create their own greetings from scratch for others to enjoy


Integrated Cloud Services 


The Vouchr Hosted Server can be deployed by Vouchr in the cloud for rapid deployment


Or it can sit within the partner’s network infrastructure.

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Bank Grade Secure

Vouchr is 100% focused on the payment experience and securely layers functionality on top of your existing payment rails.





Regular pen tests and audits by partners

No storage or use of personal dat - all data is owned by partners

24/7 hour support and disaster recovery

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