The experience needs to evolve as prepaid cards move from the physical to the digital world

Digital prepaid cards lack the personal touch that make them engaging and meaningful gift giving experiences.

Use Vouchr's Consumer Experience Platform to transform your digital closed or open loop prepaid cards from dull and impersonal experiences into personalized eCards that are contextual, gamified and social. Position yourself now as an innovative leader in prepaid and capture digital market share.


Case Study: RBC Royal Bank


Virtual Prepaid card with Tap to Pay

Launched in Canada August, 2018

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Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) used Vouchr's platform to commercialize a virtual prepaid card via a new local merchant gifting use case. Want to send your friend the perfect gift at a local hamburger spot? Send them $50 on a personalized virtual prepaid card via the RBC wallet and location-lock it to the burger joint. When your friend gets there, the virtual prepaid card is funded and they can tap-to-pay to buy their meal.

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