Redefining Payments

Vouchr has created the world’s first consumer experience platform for digital money.


The winners in payments will be the ones who compete with the best mobile consumer experience.

Vouchr’s Consumer Experience Platform "wraps around" your existing financial transactions to personalize, gamify and elevate the experience. Vouchr has dreamt up innovative and engaging services for mobile that you can immediately plug into your existing digital transfer experience.


Innovators powered by Vouchr


Why use us?



Differentiate your payment service from competitors

Drive Adoptions

Capture digital market share by driving adoption w/ Vouchr’s innovative experience.

Customer Engagement

Use your payments to create meaningful interactions between your customers

Drive Transactions

Give context and new use-cases to drive incremental transactions

Increase Loyalty & Retention

Entice customers to stay within your payment ecosystem

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Platform features 

Mobile SDK

Jumpstart your mobile innovation with a fully themable and customizable native, end-to-end experience.

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Partner Enablement

Configure, control and publish content using our marketing dashboard. Our platform makes it easy to build eCards, Rewards and Promotions.

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Challenge System

Unique challenges that recipients have to complete or compete against others to unlock their payment.

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Curated Content

Vouchr provides a large catalogue of ready to use media, templates and challenges. Perfect for any occasion.

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Integrated Cloud Services

Various levels of integration and highly configurable partner modules allow for hassle free integration with your existing payment product.

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What’s your industry?


Let users express themselves in every payment with unlimited content. Create media rich messages that brings people closer together.


Money Transfer

Domestic peer-to-peer money transfers

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Cross-border money transfers

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Payouts from banks, non-profits, governments, insurance and more

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Open and closed loop gift cards for consumers, rewards and incentives.

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